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34 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

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PO Box HM 1748, Hamilton HM GX, Bermuda

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+1 (441) 295-5678

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+1 (441) 296-0601

About Bermuda Commercial Bank

We recommend the links below for learning more about Bermudian banking and finance, as well as legal and regulatory governance in Bermuda.


Somers Limited

Somers Limited ("Somers") previously known as Bermuda National Limited ("BNL") is a Bermuda exempt company whose shares are traded on the Bermuda Stock Exchange under the ticker code, SOM.BH.

Somers is an investment holding company specialising in the financial services sector. It currently has investments in the banking, asset financing and stockbroking sectors. Somer’s primary investment is a 100% interest in Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited, one of Bermuda’s four licensed banks which focuses on corporate and private wealth.

Somers will provide a platform for corporate investments and acquisitions in the financial services sector. The fallout from the 2008 financial crisis is expected to continue to provide a number of attractive investment opportunities. Somers will look to make further investments in the financial services sector where acquisitions meet the Company’s investment objectives

Bermuda First Investment Company

Bermuda First Investment Company (“BFIC”) is a newly incorporated Bermuda exempt investment holding company that has a number of significant investments in Bermuda local companies. BFIC’s shares and loan notes are both listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange (“BSX”).

BFIC’s core strategy is to continue to build strategic investments in local Bermudian companies. It will focus on acquiring stakes in those companies, which, based on historical data and in the opinion of the Directors, are trading at discounts to fair value. In addition, BFIC intends to seek to work closely, where appropriate, with the board and senior management of its investments to increase the long term value of these holdings and to encourage the introduction of shareholder friendly initiatives.

Investors are able to buy shares in BFIC. In addition they can pool their local shareholdings in exchange for shares in BFIC and partner with the Company with a view to energizing and improving the value of its investments by ensuring shareholders have an effective say in the operations and financial performance of its investments.

Bermuda Monetary Authority

The BMA is the regulatory authority for financial institutions in Bermuda, as well as the issuer of Bermudian currency. On this site you can also find statistics, regulatory news, copies of legislation and guidance notes.

Bermuda Stock Exchange

The BSX is the stock exchange for Bermuda and is fully recognised by the UK. On this site, you can find current stock prices, lists of issuers and lists of trading members. Bermuda National United ("BNL") is a listed main board stock and a listed trading member.

Bermuda Government

This is the main portal for the Bermuda Government.

Business Bermuda

Business Bermuda is a non-profit business organization of Bermuda-resident service providers and international businesses which provide quality banking, insurance, reinsurance, legal, accounting, financial, infrastructure, e-business, trust and management services, and products.

Bermuda Registrar of Companies

This web site provides on-line applications for service providers and lists of companies currently doing business in Bermuda.

Bermuda Bar Association

The Bermuda Bar Association is the governing body for lawyers in Bermuda. Through an elected Bar Council, the Bar Association is responsible for matters pertaining to admission to practice law in the jurisdiction, and rules of conduct for its members.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bermuda (ICAB)

Bermuda and Canada's most valued, internationally recognised profession of leaders in senior management, advisory, tax and assurance roles.

Association of Bermuda Compliance Officers (ABCO)

A forum for Bermuda compliance professionals to meet and discuss regulatory and legislative issues affecting their industries.

Bermuda Online (BOL)

Bermuda Islands in 125+ comprehensive websites. Leading source of local information with many exclusive files updated daily including public holidays.

Bermuda Rugby Football Union


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Copyright @ Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited, 2019
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