Lost or Stolen Card?

  1. Please contact:

    • During normal banking business hours, 09:00 – 17:00 AST Monday to Friday, contact BCB Card Services to advise at: 441-299-2883 or cardservices@bcb.bm
      Note: if you email us, for card security purposes, please do not include your credit card number in your email or in an attachment.

    • Outside normal banking business hours, call: TecniCard Inc. – 1-800-317-6020 Or Click here for the Visa Global Customer Assistance Services contact numbers.

  2. Complete a BCB Lost/Stolen Card form and send it to BCB via email or via fax to 441-295-1612.
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Emergency Services

Visa provides high-quality emergency assistance for Visa Cardholders when they travel.  Through the Visa International Service Centre (VISC) located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, and its global partners, Visa provides multilingual emergency assistance service that Cardholders can access toll-free or collect from anywhere around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Visa Global Customer Assistance Services (GCAS) program (via the VISC) provides assistance to Cardholders in reporting lost or stolen Visa cards, by arranging for Emergency Card Replacements and cash advances, and answering Visa and travel-related inquiries.  Emergency services include the following:

Lost/Stolen Card Reporting – applicable to all BCB Visa cards

To report the loss or theft of a Visa card, the Cardholder may call BCB or GCAS.  If the Cardholder contacts Visa, GCAS staff document the details of the loss, and immediately notify BCB.  If the card number is not available, GCAS staff contact BCB to request the card number or to transfer the Cardholder directly to BCB.  Go here for more information about lost/stolen card reporting.

Emergency Card Replacement – applicable to all BCB Visa cards

Visa Cardholders whose card(s) are lost or stolen while traveling or planning to travel may require a replacement card on an emergency basis.  Once BCB has authorized a Cardholder request for an Emergency Replacement Card, the card will be supplied to the Cardholder as quickly as possible, usually within one to three business days, depending on product type, so that the Cardholder can continue traveling with minimum disruption.

Emergency Cash Disbursements (Advances) – applicable to all BCB Visa cards

When a Cardholder contacts Visa directly, GCAS will complete an online Emergency Service Request and will contact BCB to verify the Cardholder’s identity and obtain BCB’s approval for the cash disbursement.  Outside BCB regular business hours, GCAS may authorize an Emergency Cash Disbursement on BCB’s behalf, in which case the maximum limit for the disbursement will be US $1,000.

GCAS will arrange for the Visa Cardholder to obtain Emergency Cash through the most expeditious method available, whether through an Emergency Service Location, wire transfer service, or other special arrangement.

Emergency Ticket Replacement – applicable to all Gold & Platinum cards only

If you lose your ticket, Visa can arrange for a replacement and assist with the process to claim reimbursement for the lost ticket(s).

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