Online Banking Security

Our online Banking platform for both web browsers and mobile devices are safe and secure. Our platform provides the following security features:

  • Two-step authentication process at sign on (unique Password + unique PIN)
  • Mobile-OTP (One Time Passcode) authentication of certain financial transactions and services
  • Automated Password & PIN reset
  • Extended validation web site certificate providing 2048 bit encryption

If you’re having difficulty thinking of a password that is not easy to guess, but easy to remember:

  • Use a long password with a mixture of letters, numbers and characters. Longer passwords are usually more secure because they are harder to guess. 
  • Modify easy to remember phrases
  • Try using three random words and capitalize some of the letters
  • Never use personal information
  • Never use easily recognisable numbers such as birthdays or phone numbers
  • Never use the word ‘password’ or ‘123456’.

Use our secure online banking platform in your favourite web browser to manage your accounts, move money and more…

Our Mobile Banking App provides customers with a complete banking experience by combining a broad range of features and functionality at your fingertips.

Coupled with an easy to use One-time Passcode to help you conduct secure online banking transactions with us.

Go to the Apple or Google store on your device and search for “bcb bank” and download the App.

Bermuda Commercial Bank